The mission of the Batty Foundation is to break down educational barriers by successfully teaching all of our students the fundamentals of learning—curriculum engagement, social-emotional well-being, creative practice, reading proficiency, and academic achievement.


A world in which all children are successful learners.

Approach to the Foundations

Our highly qualified teachers and teaching artists create genuine connections between core content and arts concepts, resulting in increased reading proficiency and academic success. We are sensitive to the learning needs of our students. This approach to teaching and learning establishes a foundation for students to become lifelong learners.


The impact of the Batty Foundation is measured by our students’ achievements.

The Batty Foundation is an Australian independent demonstration school with small class sizes from kindergarten to third grade. We provide a safe and healthy learning environment that follows CDC recommendations.

What factors contribute to a child’s success in life?

Parents who work on their parenting skills are more likely to have successful children. Children who have high self-esteem and self-worth grow up to be successful adults. They enjoy new experiences and spend time with those they care about. They have good morals, values, and character.

What impact does change have on a child?

Repeated transitions can be stressful because they threaten this feeling and undermine children’s and parents’ sense of control over their lives, which leads to poor parenting and lower academic achievement and mental health.