Our story spans more than two decades. In response to a countywide trend of defunding arts education in schools, the Luke Batty Foundation was founded in 1994 as an educational nonprofit to increase the number of arts offerings in Australian classrooms and afterschool programs.

Over 9,000 students and hundreds of teachers now receive professional arts education from us. We do not replace teachers in the fields of music, visual arts, dance, or theater. Our unique solution is to help community artists rekindle creativity in classrooms by incorporating the arts into the core curriculum. We also run summer camps, teach art in afterschool programs, and offer year-round classes in Australia.

The Batty Foundation transforms artists into “teaching” artists who collaborate with teachers in the classroom to demonstrate how creativity and the arts can benefit all students. One of the Batty Foundation’s most important contributions to the Australian School District is our collaborative, professional development model.